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 About Dr. Jun, Hyung Wook L.Ac., Ph.D

pic_11.jpg"Our mission is to promote health, wellness, and balance though education and treatment in a safe and caring way."

Hello, my name is Dr. Jun, Hyung Wook L.Ac., Ph.D

I'm a Baltimore, Ellicott City Maryland acupuncturist providing gentle and personalized acupuncture therapy for pain and many other ailments  Baltimore, Ellicott City in Maryland

I'd like to welcome you to my web site where you will find a great deal of information on Acupuncture and TKM (Traditional Korean Medicine,)
or what is also referred to as Complimentary Alternative Medicine. I've prepared this information so you can learn how to benefit from a natural
and effective form of health care that has been around for more than 2,500 years.


 Dr. Jun, Hyung-Wook L.Ac., Ph.D

  • Master of Science in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (South Baylo Univ. 1999) pon.gif
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Oriental Medicine (ALU, 2003)
  • NCCAOM Diplomat in Acupuncture
  • Licensed Acupuncturist in Maryland, Virginia, New York
  • Member of Maryland Acupuncture Society
  • Member of American Acupuncture Counsil
  • Certified for Hong J Lee no-needle acupuncture system
  • Did you know that;

    • More than 8 Million Americans have used Acupuncture
    • Growing numbers have sought out acupuncturists for chronic pain and health problems when conventional medicine either hasn't worked nor has answers
    • The NIH and World Health Organization have both given formal approval of certain uses of acupuncture.
    • Medical doctors refer their patients to acupuncturists more than any other "alternative" care provider
    • 51% of medical doctors believe acupuncture to be efficacious and of value.
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