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Visiting the acupuncturist could be your first experience, and many first visitors worry for some unknown treatments. But actually there is nothing special, and it's like visiting any other doctor' office. Below is the procedure you can expect for the first visit.pic_13.jpg

  • If it's your first visit, you will be filling out the patient profile. In that, you will be writing about your condition, and medicines you are currently taking, and other things that might be affecting your treatment.
  •  Once profiling is done, you will be talking to Dr. Jun more about your condition. During this time, he will ask you to show your tongue and check your pulse by feeling your wrist. 
  •  After the talk, you will be led to the treatment room. In there, you will be asked to lie down on the bed, and he will put needles on various points. These needles usually don't hurt at all, and you can barely feel them.
  • Once all the needles are put, he will turn off the light and you will be resting for 30 minutes with warm light and soft music.
  • After 30 minutes, Dr. Jun will take out all the needles. If you are required for further treatments, like cupping, they will be carried out. 
  •  Once everything is done, you can get up and talk to Dr. Jun about things you should be careful after the treatment. If you need herbal medicine, you will be discussing with him about that as well.

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Conditions for treatment

Below is the list of some conditions that can be treated by acupuncture. Conditions in bold are ones Dr. Jun is especially experienced.

* Addiction (alcohol, drug, smoking) * Facial palsy/ticks * Pneumonia
* Allergy (Running nose, sneezing) * Fatigue * Reproductive problems
* Arthritis * Fertility * Rhinitis
* Asthma * Fibromyalgia * Sciatica
* Bronchitis * Gingivitis * Seasonal affective disorder
* Carpal tunnel system * Headache * Shoulder pain
* Chronic fatigue * Hiccough * Sinusitis
* Colitis * Incontinence * Sleep disturbances
* Common cold * Indigestion * Smoking cessation
* Constipation * Irritable bowel syndrome * Sore throat
* Dental pain * Low back pain * Stress
* Depression * Menopause * Tennis elbow
* Diarrhea * Menstrual irregularities * Tonsillitis
* Digestive trouble * Migraine * Tooth pain
* Dizziness * Morning sickness * Trigeminal neuralgia
* Dysentery * Nausea * Urinary tract infection
* Emotional problems * Osteoarthritis * Vomiting
* Eye problems * Pain * Wrist pain